Untitled: A Poem

Weeping suffocates the ever-beating heart Gasping for air underneath the sensation of despair The boards creak slowly under the changing pressure A touch of gentle warmth stops the pain While whispered nothings distract from the gnawing Cool breezes quickly disappear underneath Slowly tasting and pulling the energy within Blissfully unaware of the suffocating beats Advertisements

A Long Awaited Return

It’s been over a year since I’ve written a post. So much has happened. I started this in an effort to overcome my fear of being vulnerable. While it may have seemed just my vulnerability of having others read my writing, it went much deeper than that. In this past year, truths were exposed that […]

Green Poison: A Poem

Jarring splintered pieces of broken glass Eradicates the beating pulse within her chest Aching desires consume her thoughts Longing for something slipping through her hands On the edge of balancing a tormented pose Unaware of the green poison flowing in her veins Secret wishes burn the last pieces of her mind Yearning for his gentle […]

Untitled : A Poem

Lamenting hearts scorned by prior experiences unaware of their lack of choice Obstacles afoot, lain out across the cracking glass floor where the fall is fast Volatile passion erupts, spilling sultry ash across the twilight sky Entwined bodies consume the fires of desire as their souls became one

The Moment It Changed

Today was a day like any other, until it wasn’t. My morning started of wonderfully, sipping coffee, snuggling with the main man in my life which is my cat Dante, and watching the TV show Castle from the beginning after seeing how much someone close to me really enjoyed it. It was a perfect Sunday […]

Maybe If I Were: A Poem

Maybe if I were               The stars in the night sky dancing around like fireflies   Maybe if I were               Autumn leaves bound by the sap of a Maple tree   Maybe if I were               A cool summer breeze gently caressing your skin   Maybe if I were               […]

Entwined Ending: A Poem

Lace entwined rope Burning, causing smoke Harsh breathes Fast beats Sweat drips Fanning flames Engulfed in pain Bound together Pulling apart Desire shifts My king of hearts It’s not the same Better still It all remains Honest truths Quiet motions Saline oceans Gentle touches Butterfly kisses Evolving choices Purest of voices Nervous glances Sweet mistakes […]

Counterfeit View: A Poem

Shattered pieces of reflective glass portray a counterfeit version of you Only you are unable to see, so you believe this fake portrait is truth Fear permeates your soul as you continue down the rabbit hole You struggle against the chains you’ve created in your mind Guilt crashes around and unbound as waves crash against […]