Ask Me Anything

I’m in one of those moods today. Oh no, not a bad mood. Quite the opposite actually. I’m in a carefree, tell it like it is, I don’t give a fuck type of mood. Typically I don’t have a filter on the things that I say, but today, well I feel inclined to answer any question someone may ask me. I think most people would hesitate to say to answer any question someone may ask them out of fear of having to be honest. You’ve got no idea what someone may ask you, so to put yourself out there and to be vulnerable; well most people avoid that at all costs. In the past, I have done this on a one on one basis where I told the person to ask me anything and I would answer it honestly. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences because this person got to know the real me, not some pretense or portrait I painted for the world. Nope, I let this person into a part of me that I normally kept hidden away, and I think it was one of the best decisions I ever made because it created a trust and bond that I have never truly experienced before. People hide behind fear, so concerned about how the world perceives them instead of looking at themselves and truly deciding who they are. This all relates back to the idea that most people don’t truly want honesty. That people are only as honest as they need to be in order to get by in life. Similarly, most people will take the easy way out instead of traveling down the rougher road, even if the rougher road will ultimately lead to a better life. Is it just fear that holds people back? No, of course not. You have some who prefer the comfort of what they know – but then technically they fear the unknown. There are all different reasons for taking the easy road, but I’ve decided a while ago that the easy road isn’t worth it. Oh I could have taken it, and I did take it up to a certain point. But then one day, my life changed. I realized that I was harming others by being selfish and taking the easy road. Instead of facing my fears, I was choosing comfort. It seems I have digressed from the original point of this post. I think that every now and then you should let people ask you any question they may have and answer them honestly. You shouldn’t fear their reaction because if they truly care unconditionally, the answer won’t matter. If they don’t truly care unconditionally, then isn’t it better to know now before you are hurt down the road? So, today is my day. If you’re reading this, and you have question that you want to ask that you want my complete honesty on – feel free to ask me. Just remember, I will be honest so don’t ask something you don’t want the answer to. I do have to say, that there are questions I wish you would ask, things that I wish I could tell you but won’t unless prompted. Well, time to find out if it’s unconditional or not.


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